High-speed LTE Failover

LTE failover ensures your business stays connected online 24×7 when your primary internet connection fails.

What is LTE Failover?

LTE failover ensures business continuity in the face of network outages. Natural disasters, power outages, construction projects and data breaches are just some of the potential causes of internet connectivity failure. These events can leave your business offline for hours or even days if there is major damage to local infrastructure.

In a wired connectivity failure, an LTE Failover network provides reliable backup internet connectivity by automatically switching all of your network devices to a backup connection source. Sometimes referred to as 4G failover, LTE internet failover moves your devices from Wi-Fi to LTE, so you never lose connectivity.

In addition to short-term inconvenience and frustration, losing internet connectivity can lead to:

  • Cloud-based applications are no longer able to function in real-time
  • Employees unable to access data stored on the cloud
  • Production slowing down or even stopping entirely while systems are down
  • Point-of-sale systems unable to process purchases, resulting in lost revenue
  • Additional costs to repair or replace damaged hardware
  • Customers losing trust in your business’s ability to provide products or services

Today, cellular data speed and reliability is excellent which is why so many businesses are upgrading to 4G, LTE and 5G coverage to use as a primary or secondary connectivity option in case their network goes down.



FREE Technical Support

24×7 professional technical support included

Remote Management

Wireless device offers secure remote management capabilities

Firmware Updates

Device offers over-the-air hardware firmware updates

How Does LTE Internet Failover Work?

Wired failover solutions can be costly while also remaining vulnerable to the same issues that can affect your primary wired connectivity solution. However, a wireless failover solution offers high availability at a lower cost, so your systems can stay online 24×7. But how does an LTE internet failover solution work?

Compare it to your smartphone: Your phone will connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible. But if the connection is weak or no Wi-Fi networks are available, your phone will automatically switch to LTE. In this case, having LTE as a backup solution means you have a reliable internet connection during important phone calls, video chats and more.

To install the LTE Failover, simply plugin it between your internet modem and your local network. It’s that easy to install. You can configure alerts, check usage and much more via the LTE Failover secure dashboard using a web browser.

When it comes to your organization’s network, LTE failover works similarly. Although it may seem unnecessary, the benefits of a backup connection far outweigh the cost of downtime due to lost connectivity.

In some cases, a failed internet connection could even put human lives at stake, such as during a natural disaster or severe weather event when hospitals, law enforcement and transportation need to stay online so people can reach them.


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