5 Brilliant Tips to Boost Your WiFi Speed at Home

Wireless wifi speed

If your internet speed is not up to your expectation and requirement, it may be time for you to go through a few steps to improve your connectivity. While technology has changed for the better, you may still find internet lag issues in your home.

Internet connectivity has turned into more of a necessity than a need nowadays. Most of our work whether personal or professional requires a WiFi connection. This high demand for internet service has sprouted various types of services from internet providers in the market.

There is no specific reason as to why your internet might be working slower than it is supposed to. Many factors like network congestion, too many users on the same band, and poor router can affect the speed of your WiFi.

Here are 5 techniques you could follow to improve your WiFi speed.

1. Router Placement

If your router is not placed in a suitable space, it can affect the quality of your WiFi. You should make sure the router is placed on a surface free of other physical objects cluttered around it. Devices that mainly require the internet should be in close proximity to the router. 

Also, keep the router away from devices that work through electromagnetic waves. Additionally, do not place the router next to damp areas. Even walls and cupboards could slow down your WiFi speed.

2. Switch Bands

Every WiFi signal is made up of several channels and each router uses its own specific channel. However, if other WiFi signals around are using the same channel, your internet speed may slow down. 

You can solve this problem by switching bands or channel according to your convenience.

Each individual router has its own specific settings. You can look up the instructions and fix the configuration. Usually, channels 1, 6, and 11 work the best as they allow the least interference even with multiple devices around.

When a dual-band technology router is available, having both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies on is ideal. 5 GHz gives you faster internet but a shorter range, and most routers are only able to pick up 2.4 GHz frequency.

3. Upgrade Your Router

If your internet speed seems to be slower than expected despite no external obstacles, maybe it’s your router that’s causing the problem. Routers like most other gadgets have a limited working period. It tends to lose its ability to pick up network signals as time goes on. 

Once your router has crossed about 2-3 years of usage, maybe it’s time you consult a technician and check to see if your router needs to be upgraded.

It is also recommended that you reboot your router every now and then by unplugging both your router and modem and plugging them back in.

4. Alternate WiFi with Ethernet Cable

A good idea is to switch your WiFi with an Ethernet cable. Despite radio waves being incredibly fast, the cable connects your devices directly to the internet connection, allowing your device to send and receive information almost instantly.

Using a fiber-optic cable allows you to access an even faster network, just make sure you have a long wire. This will mean that no matter how far you are from the router, your internet speed will remain the same.

You can try testing both your WiFi and Ethernet cable to see if it makes any difference to your internet speed.

5. Changing your Internet Provider

The internet service you have been using may not be optimum for the speed that you require. This could happen due to multiple factors. 

Some providers may have better service in certain regions than others.

You can look up internet providers in your area and make a choice according to your individual needs.

Final Thoughts

Most providers are more effective in areas that are well connected and populated by people, but only a few work up to the standard in remote and rural areas. Choose a provider that receives and transmits the maximum signal strength in your area.

Wireless Solutions is one of those service providers guaranteed to give you a good range of internet network connectivity in most are. You can check out their rental plans and see if it suits your requirement.

Additionally, you can even opt for advanced 4G routers so that your WiFi works like a charm. 

February 2, 2022

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