5 Hacks to Increase Wireless Internet Speed

Are you frustrated with the long loading time while watching your favourite Netflix show? Fluctuating Internet speed is inevitable, and sometimes you don’t have to do anything to resolve the issue.  So, how do you improve your wireless internet speed?

How do you deal with that urgent submission? Or when you’re on a zoom call on a busy Monday with your boss? Well, don’t fret! Try these quick hacks to speed up your Internet.

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1. Ensure no one is using your WiFi

If you connect too many devices at the same time, you might find your internet speed to reduce. Disconnecting any unwanted device is one of the easiest hacks. Not to forget that your neighbour might also connect their devices to your WiFi without their knowledge. 

And that happens when you haven’t secured your WiFi. So, always ensure no one apart from your family members or those with the password use it—login to your router’s interface on your web browser. 

Here, you can see the number of devices connected to your WiFi. You can block the device from accessing it without your knowledge or simply change your WiFi password.

2. Change the location of your router

Wireless routers have a short-range due to their high frequency, so if some of the objects in your house is blocking the path, it can lead to slow speed. 

Generally, you place the routers in the corners for better wireless internet speeds. If your router is behind the television or couch, try moving it to an open area. You may notice slight differences in the speed. 

But if you’re browsing close to the router, you need not relocate it as there won’t be any objects blocking the signal. So, if you’re frustrated with your Internet speed, this is the first thing to do.

3. Use a VPN

Sometimes, your Internet Service Provider may block certain websites if it’s against ISP policies, such as torrenting sites. If you’re experiencing slow loading times when accessing certain websites, use a VPN. 

If it’s rush hour, you might experience internet throttled by your service provider. But you can easily bypass it using a Virtual Private Network. For better wireless internet speeds, go for a VPN provider that offers a nearby location to connect to.

If you’re using data-demanding websites such as Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar and Netflix, you can watch your favourite shows without any network issues by turning on the VPN. But there will be some loss of speed with VPN, but that’s totally normal.

4. Reset your router

The first thing we do when our computer hangs is restart it. Doing so will delete any cached data and other processes running in the background. Preventive maintenance can help here.

So, try doing the same with your router too. All you need is a simple reboot to get high-speed internet. The router will only connect to desired channels reducing data traffic. Run a speed test after this and notice the changes. 

If the speed is higher after rebooting, you’re good to go. If not, you need to try a different hack and make it work. Most of the time, the issues may not be that big, so resolving them on your own can be the best option.

5. Turn off Any Downloads for Better Wireless Internet Speed

Your internet speed will be slow if you’re downloading a large file or if other devices are streaming online. So, pause the download or turn off streaming and check your Internet speed. 

If you’ve set your devices to auto-update, that might be consuming more bandwidth too. And if it’s firmware updates, then a large chunk of your bandwidth will go to that. Disconnect your devices. Ensure they are not set to auto-update. 

While auto-update is a great feature, you may not always use all the applications, and it may be one of the primary reasons for slow loading times.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these hacks, you can try directly connecting your devices to the router using an ethernet cable. For one, turning off background tasks in your task manager, or updating your web browser helps. Also, try clearing the cache, or checking for firmware updates. 

If nothing else works, you need to upgrade your package or buy a new router or modem. Everyone experiences slow internet speed at times. However, if you’re encountering it frequently, take action and perform the above hacks to avoid network problems. You don’t have to be very tech-savvy to do these as they are straightforward, and anyone can do that. Want to get a reliable internet connection for your home? Talk to us today!

March 15, 2022

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