Best Internet Connection for Rural Areas – Wireless Home Internet Solutions for Travelers

Wireless internet for rural areas

As a traveler, trying to find the perfect internet option can be tricky. You won’t be held up in one location for long periods of time cause you’ll likely be on the road. Whether you are driving around in an RV or moving from one hotel to another, you will still need a stable internet connection. And the best option in this case would be wireless home internet

In this article, we will be exploring the other internet options available to you. We will also be looking into why wireless home internet is your most ideal option.

Internet connection options

As you are constantly on the move, fixed connections (that include cables) is not a possibility. For example, options such as Fiber optic and Cable internet cannot be used without a direct wired connection. Therefore, we will only be exploring the options that are viable for your use.

On top of that, we also need to consider that you won’t be spending all your time around cities. As you travel, you are likely to enter areas that have spotty internet connections. These are the more rural locations that don’t have the infrastructure for high-speed internet. So, we also have to consider the ISP you choose. You want one that has sufficient range around the country to ensure a stable internet connection.

We are now left with three options:

  • Satellite internet
  • Cellular mobile broadband internet
  • Fixed wireless broadband internet

Satellite internet

Satellite internet has been one of the most used wireless home internet solutions for travelers. What it does is that it beams the internet signals from a satellite in space to a satellite dish set up in your location.


  • Available throughout the globe – Because the internet signals are beamed all the way from space, the reach is global. You can receive these signals even in some of the most rural areas around the states. This is what attracted many travelers and people living in rural areas to satellite internet. You don’t have to worry about losing the connection when you’re traveling around.
  • They provide decent speeds – Satellite internet is typically faster than a DSL connection. They can reach up to 100mbps speed, especially during clear weather. This is sufficient speed to get some work done, but it is nowhere near being high-speed. In comparison, cable internet can reach up to 2000mbps.


  • The internet connection is not stable – The signals can be disrupted by a variety of external conditions. Poor weather, too many trees, or rain are some examples of what affects it. You are at the mercy of these conditions when trying to work.
  • Satellite connections also have latency issues seeing as the signals travel very long distances. You will definitely notice the lag when video calling or using VOIP.
  • Very expensive – Satellite is one of the most expensive internet options you will find.

Cellular mobile broadband

This is the internet you receive over mobile networks. You can either use a portable hotspot router or your phone to act as a modem to receive the internet connection.


  • Simple to set up and access – Using a mobile connection is as simple as inserting the sim card. You then switch on the device and wait for the connection to go through. There is no need for any additional equipment, and you can connect to the internet almost instantly.


  • Coverage is mediocre – Not all wireless phone providers have good coverage around the country. This is why at Wireless Solutions, we can help you select a wireless carrier that has best coverage for your specific needs.
  • Speed Changes & Capped Data – You won’t get a fixed data speed when using the connection. It will depend on your location and number of users. Also, wireless data usages will vary depending on provider and data plan you select.

Fixed Wireless Broadband

This method involves using radio waves to transmit high-speed internet to a cell tower. This signal is then bounced to a receiver that you have with you. This method can provide internet for anyone living in urban and rural areas.


  • Wide range – Because it uses radio waves, these signals can be transmitted over a much larger area. This way high-speed internet is a possibility even in rural areas. 
  • High cap bandwidth – Due to availability, there is no speed cap or low data caps involved in the connection. You are free to use as much of the internet as you require.


  • Requires a line of sight – The radio waves require a direct line of sight for uninterrupted connections. If there are trees or hills blocking most of the way, the connection becomes unstable 
  • More expensive – This option tends to be more expensive than a DSL or cable connection. But seeing as you’re constantly on the move, it is the better and more viable option.

For the best wireless home internet solutions, visit Wireless Solutions LLC. They are able to provide you with wide range, high-speed internet at an affordable cost. For travelers, fixed wireless broadband is definitely the most viable option.

December 15, 2021

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