Difference Between Wired and Wireless Internet: How it Affects your Internet Experience

Wireless internet for your home

In a time when remote working is at its most popular, having a stable internet connection is key. Whether you’re at home or on the road, we all want fast speeds to maintain a workable connection. However, when you’re on the road, having a wired connection is not practical. Does this make wireless internet your only option? Can you get stable internet using wireless means? Let’s find out.

A wired internet connection

In order to get connected to the internet in this means, there needs to be a fixed connection in your location. A wire should be fixed directly to your home router, which in turn broadcasts the signal. The router is then directly connected to your PC or Television via an ethernet cable. There is a direct connection here, meaning that the chances of interference are extremely low.

A wireless internet connection

For a connection to be wireless, internet needs to be available even without a wire. This is usually done in two ways:

  • The router is connected via a wire. But the wired connection stops there. Instead, the router will transmit the internet signals through the air to any connected devices. As long as your devices are able to receive Wi-Fi signals, it can be connected. For example, laptops, smart TV’s, and gaming consoles.
  • Receiving signals directly from a cell tower. In this case, you won’t even need a router. These cell towers are able to send internet signals over long distances. Devices can receive these signals over the air and connect to the internet. For example, mobile phones and local networks.

Wired Vs Wireless Internet

While the internet has changed over the years, we all know that wired connections are superior in terms of speed and security. Compared to wired connections, wireless technology is relatively new and still improving. However, this doesn’t mean that wireless connections are simply “bad”. Each has its own use cases and it ultimately comes down to how you want to use the internet.

High speeds

If you compare a wired and wireless connection side-by-side, the wired connection will almost always be faster. The main reason for this is that a separate cable is used to connect each device to the network. Each of these cables will be transmitting data at the same speed, thereby ensuring high speeds. However, a wireless connection transmits over the air which can have a lot of interference. Also, signal speeds over the air are not as strong as via a cable.

Though this doesn’t make a wireless connection unusable. The speeds you get via wireless is still fast enough for our daily tasks. Whether it is video streaming, VOIP, social media browsing, or even light online gaming. As long as you’re not a professional gamer, you likely won’t require a direct connection.


The main problem with a wired connection is portability. Once it is set up, you cannot make the connection with you when you’re away from home/office. You can get a stable connection in and around it’s location, but you will have to find another option when you leave. If you’re working remotely or taking constant work trips, this is not an ideal setup. You will need to pay for two internet connections, costing you more money and effort in the process.

Why Go For Wireless Internet?

Many people are switching to wireless now because of its flexibility. Depending on the provider, you can practically take it anywhere and still have a usable internet connection. There are some providers who can even reach you in remote locations away from the vicinity of cities. With relatively fast internet speeds no matter where you are, this is a great alternative for people on the move.

In the end, both wired and wireless internet serve the same purpose. Connecting to a stable and fast internet connection. And the truth is that both are able to satisfy these requirements. What you choose will come down to your usual internet usage. You don’t have to worry about the speeds and stability of wireless connections in this modern day. They have evolved to a point where it is reliable and offers a good internet experience. 

Just make sure you choose a good internet service provider like Wireless Solutions LLC. As long as your provider is able to transmit high-speed internet even to remote areas, you won’t have a problem. Check out some of their packages and make note of the difference yourself!

January 13, 2022

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