Gaming with Wireless Devices: Is it Possible?

wireless internet for your home

There are plenty of reasons why gamers are opting for Fiber Optic Internet, and if you’re planning to switch too, here are a few more reasons to do so.

But what makes wireless devices a better choice than regular cable? Why is it a great choice for people on the go? Is it the best value for money? Are there any disadvantages of using it? Let’s find out all about it here.

How Connecting to Internet With Wireless Devices is Still a Good Idea

In cable Internet, the data is transmitted in metal wires which get heated up, leading to interruptions.

The wire is thick and is protected by a solid outer covering, due to which there is no interruption during data transfer. Wireless internet, on the other hand, is reliable and super-fast. It’s ideal for rural households where other newer technology like fiber isn’t available. See how Wireless Internet works.

Here is how it can improve your gaming experience altogether.

Play without interruptions in multi-player games

How annoying would it be when there’s a lag at a critical moment in your game? Gamers dread this more than ever. And in multi-player games where you play with other players online, you can’t compromise on speed. 

The right wireless internet connection works great for multi-player games. The response time can be quick with zero lags. Some wireless internet providers use throttling which can hamper your gaming experience but that’s never an issue with Wireless Solutions. We never throttle your connection and utilize the major cellular provider’s networks offering the fastest speeds and highest reliability.

Lag-free gaming

The first thing that you gamers do when there’s a lag is to check their Internet connection. So, lags while gaming is the last thing you would ever want. But if you’ve been experiencing it frequently with your cable Internet, switching to wireless interent is the best option. 

For a good gaming experience, you need a stable Internet connection. With a good wireless internet connection, no more lags and no more missed opportunities to shoot down your opponents. With a good signal strength, the data flow is constant without interruptions, so you will always have high-speed Internet.

No more glitch in live streaming

If you’re a gamer who loves to live stream your battles on YouTube or Twitch, you don’t want glitchy streaming. Since you’re doing two things that take up more bandwidth, your regular cable connection will not be able to handle it. One, it’s annoying, and two, you may lose your subscribers due to that. 
Choosing a good wireless connection can help you stream without glitches and play online without lags. Your subscribers will also enjoy the game, and you may even get new subscribers on the go.

Super-fast download

Both wireless internet and cable offer kind of the same speed. Since the file size of games is large, your standard cable connection may take hours to download a single game. On the other hand, our network routers work with all major cellular networks, offering you fast internet speeds.

In short, downloading games happen a lot quicker. You can also explore and experience virtual reality to its fullest with the fiber net. Have a great time playing and streaming your favorite games online. 

Find the Right Wireless Devices for You

Gaming is no longer seen as something you play on your mobile phone. Gone are the days when gaming was limited to playing with a single-player. You can now play with gamers worldwide. If you’re really into gaming, you need a good PC with excellent specs and a good Internet speed. And if you’re a YouTuber looking to stream video games online, you need a stable Internet connection.

Wireless Solutions helps bring the best of wireless internet to rural households. Experience true gaming, on the go, no matter where you are.

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April 13, 2022

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