How to Get Faster Rural Internet?

Finding a good rural internet plan

Does high-speed internet in your rural home seem like a utopian dream? With the right tricks and a proper internet provider, it can be an everyday reality. Post-pandemic, the world is adapting to remote work. For some of you who work from your rural homes, it might be tough with a slow internet connection. Tech Republic research data says the same. Many users in rural America still suffer from slow internet issues. The average internet speed in rural areas is still below 39.1 Mbps.

Do all your tabs take longer to open? Does it take ages to download a movie? Does every movie keep buffering on OTT platforms? Well, you are not alone in this. Data shows that most rural American homes are suffering from this problem. The main problem lies in the slow internet provided by companies.

Most areas lag behind the national average internet speed. That is holding people behind in their office work or other online activities. In this article, we will tell you how you can get faster internet in rural areas. Read on to know more.

5 tips to get faster internet in rural areas

We have made a list of tricks and tips you can apply to do a DIY process in getting faster internet in rural areas. Check them out. 

1. Check for router obstruction 

Is your router sitting in a crowded place? Are other objects on your shelf blocking the router? Objects like metal, stone, brick, gas cans, and a wall can cause major obstruction in internet signals. Placing the WiFi router in front of microwaves and televisions can also cause low internet speed.

The first step to getting better internet speed is to remove all obstructions in front of the router. Putting the router in the kitchen with lots of metal objects and kitchen gadgets is never a good idea. 

You can also try to change the location of your router. Do not put it on the floor; keep it on an elevated surface near a window. This will surely help you get better internet speed. 

2. Scan for Malware

If your internet network has no password, then you are at risk for virus attacks. No matter a rural area or urban, virus attacks are a universal phenomenon. This can certainly slow down your internet speed. Firstly, you should check your system for speed-stealing programs. Secondly, you can check your system for Malware and other viruses. Such viruses send virus-embedded e-mails to others and clog your internet bandwidth. You can download a virus scanner to find any such threatening viruses in your system. 

3. Upgrade your router equipment

USA Today report on WiFi and tech usage outdated router and other WiFi equipment might be the reason for slow internet. How? If your router only supports a 4G network and your internet provider provides a 5G connection, then they will not be competent. There will be a constant lag in speed. Also, routers need critical security updates; if your router is not updated, it can lead to an information breach. You must talk to your internet provider and get the latest router that is compatible with your internet plan. 

4. Cut off all unused devices

When you live in a home, there are multiple people using your WiFi. There are many random guests who come into your home and ask for the password. Even if you do share the password, make sure to remove these devices from the network after the work is done. This will give your internet more bandwidth and make it much faster than before. 

5. Restart your router

Restarting your router can sometimes lead to data loss. But if your rural location has real bad internet speed issues, you can periodically restart your router. Do not rush into it because all your old passwords and network settings will be lost. Resetting them frequently might seem like a major task; yes, it is. Nonetheless, it will speed up your internet and also help you steer clear of any virus attacks. When all passwords are frequently changed, there is very minimal chance of an external attack. 

Parting Thoughts

Your internet speed should never be compromised, even when you are in a rural area. Your work needs to be done fast and with ease. At Wireless Solutions, we ensure that our internet speed is always up to the mark. You can work on the go or from remote locations. There are also no overcharges, and you can get unlimited access to the internet no matter what your monthly package. 

July 13, 2022

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