How to get Wireless WiFi when the internet is down?

Wireless Wifi.

It is unbelievably frustrating when your internet is down. These outages are nothing new in the USA. In fact, the frequency of these outages seems to be rising. Market data says that outages jumped 82% within one week of July. These outages may not matter when you have no work or movies to watch. But it can be frustrating when it is a Monday morning, and you sit down to work, and the internet goes down. There might be multiple reasons behind this. 

But what do you do when your internet is down? How do you get WiFi when the internet is down? Is there any other way to get internet to do your work? In this article, we will talk about all the things you can do to get WiFi in case your internet is down. Read on to know more. 

5 ways you can get Wireless WiFi when your internet is down

Here is a list of 5 things you can do to get WiFi when your internet is down. Try out some of these tricks to get access to the internet. If none of these work, you may think about calling your operator. 

  1. Tethering 

Both iOS and Android users have the option to use WiFi tethering in case their own internet is down. As a smartphone user, your phone must have some active data plan. You can turn on tethering on your phone. After that, you go to the WiFi section of your other device that you want to connect to and get access. This internet might be a little more costly because cellular networks charge more. So, make sure you have enough data for tethering. You can even upgrade your mobile plan for a day or two when your internet is down. The tethered internet also has great speed, so buffering and loading should not be an issue. 

  1. Use your mobile broadband

Mobile broadband services offer external devices to create a small WiFi zone in an area. This also works like mobile tethering. But it is an external device provided by the mobile service provider. Mobile broadband services offer pre-paid plans, and you can recharge and use them. When your internet is down, you can recharge instantly and start using this device. Mobile broadband generally allows you to connect multiple devices. But that might slow down the speed. 

  1. Restart the router and modem

Sometimes the modem/router might have a power disruption, and that causes the internet to go down. Check to see if your modem has power. You can restart it a few times and check its power cable. There is a high chance that it might start working again. 

  1. Try accessing a public WiFi

If you have urgent work and your mobile data is not supporting work, try accessing public WiFi. Many malls and coffee shops have free WiFi options that you can work with. In case of an emergency, this is one of the best and quick fixes. But public WiFi connections can be unsafe. So, try to use it only if it is absolutely necessary. 

  1. Improve the position of your device

At times there is an obstruction in front of the modem/router that can cause an internet outage. You can try putting the device in a better location. It should be in an open space where there are no obstructions in front. Even small objects can cause disruption, so place them accordingly. 

Why is the internet down? Find out

There is another way to address the internet issue. When your internet is down, you can look for the cause. The internet can go down for various reasons. Without knowing the reason, it might be harder to resolve the issue. Let us find out some of the top issues why your internet can be down. 

  1. It can be a complete internet outage. Ask around in your locality if everybody is facing internet issues. This might be due to a complete internet outage in your area that only your operator can solve. 
  2. You might have a damaged router/modem, which can cause internet disruptions. Check to see if the router/modem has power. Also, check if the green lights are blinking. If there is no signal on this, you must check it. 
  3. Ask your operator if they have turned off the internet for maintenance or other issues. 

Parting Thoughts

When the internet is down, we recommend you find the cause and then look for a solution. If it still does not work, use some of the options we discussed to get WiFi access. 

November 28, 2022

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