How to Increase Rural Internet Speed?

Rural internet.

Lower pollution levels, fewer crowds, less noise – the benefits of the countryside are abundant. However, if you plan to shift to a rural area, you may also have to contend with poor internet connectivity. Places far from major hubs often have slow internet speeds. In fact, the FCC reports that only 63% of the rural population has access to decent broadband connectivity. 

Tricks to Improve Rural Internet Speed

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your internet speed in rural areas. However, before you go and change your service provider, there are many things you can do to improve your connectivity. Sometimes, the location of your router may be the reason behind the slow internet speed. You can boost your internet signal by changing the device’s position in such cases. 

Changing the Router Location 

You should place the router in the spot with the fastest internet speed for the best results. You may require several tries before finalizing this position. Another tip would be to avoid cluttered areas. Electronic devices like TVs and microwaves have their own signals, which can interfere with your internet speed. Therefore, it would be best to avoid areas adjacent to these appliances.

One of the best things to do is to place the router in the area where you use the most data. So, for a remote worker, this would be their home office. For a gamer, it could be their game room. The closer the device is, the faster your internet speed will be. For a large household, placing the router in an open area is best. The device also should be kept at a considerable height. This position will allow users to access the internet from all locations of the house. 

Besides repositioning your router, you can also use these tips to help you get better internet in rural areas. 

Get a New Router for Better Rural Internet

Though not the most cost-effective solution, upgrading your router is sometimes necessary to get high-speed internet. Not all types of devices may support your internet technology. Some routers may be incompatible with the signal or unable to host multiple users. Others may be too dated to connect with the system/over long distances efficiently. 

Upgrading your router can improve your internet speed in such cases. Newer devices will offer benefits like

  • Better compatibility
  • Faster mb/s speeds
  • Better support 
  • More high-speed options

Your new setup should be able to handle high-speed connections from wireless or fiber internet. In addition, the best routers are stable and offer strong connectivity even in poor conditions. When changing your device, it is thus best to take note of the antennas and frequency advertised. 

Reset Your Router

Though effective, this option is best reserved as a last resort. Resetting your router deletes all necessary configurations saved by the user. You may have made crucial connectivity setting changes to optimize outreach. Hard resetting your system will make you lose these configurations. Going back to your default format will make you lose vital data like

  • ISP username
  • Security keys
  • Open ports
  • Passwords
  • IP Addresses

Instead, simply switching your router on/off can help you restore your connection in most cases. Likewise, simply unplugging your device and waiting a few seconds before repowering can solve most connectivity issues. 

However, this is usually a temporary fix used in rural areas. In addition, if your internet speed is abysmally low, you may be forced to reset to the default setting. 

In such cases, you will find the reset button at the bottom of the router. You can use a paper clip or a pen to access the point. Just hold this button for a few seconds to hard reset your router. 

Conclusion: Identify the Problem

Sometimes the issue is not with your router but with the service itself. Wired devices are not always compatible with low-speed settings. Depending on your location, a wireless system is sometimes best for rural areas. In fact, for multiple-user households, wireless internet with a suitable mesh router is the best option. 

These tips are easy to execute and require no professional help. Giving these tricks a shot before your serviceperson can help you save on repair costs. Instead of contacting your customer support straightaway, you should test your internet connection on your own.

Rural areas have comparatively poor internet speeds. However, sometimes, these may be the result of mispositioning your router. Re-checking your ethernet connection lets you gauge whether the issue stems from your end. Upon discovering these faults, you can contact your internet service provider and provide them with more accurate details about the problem.  

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March 14, 2023

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