How to Save Money with an Unlimited Hotspot at home

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Everyone needs the internet at home. Digital connectivity has taken over so much of our lives that it has made it almost impossible to live a comfortable life without access to the internet. However, along with this necessity there comes the expensive monthly bills that you need to pay alongside the voice/data plan that comes separately for your mobile phone. As a college student or digital nomad, sometimes making these monthly payments can become a burden. Certain providers charge expensive prices for home broadband services and you’d continue paying this as you may not be aware of other options. Well, we’re here to give you a solution that could change your internet experience at home. Unlimited hotspot or mobile hotspot allows you to connect to the internet via your mobile device using a mobile package. You can use one connection for all your needs rather than paying for two separate connections. We’ll be diving further into this below.

What is a mobile hotspot connection?

Mobile hotspot, also known as mobile tethering, is the function available on your mobile device that allows it to transmit its existing cellular data to other devices in its vicinity. Basically, it transforms your mobile into a wifi receptor that other devices can connect to, giving them access to the internet through your mobile carrier’s package. There are specific hotspot devices that can be used as well, but most phones these days have the hotspot feature built-in. Also, the speed provided by the mobile hotspot will depend on both the carrier and the mobile device, so you cannot expect 4G speeds or higher every time.

Comparing home broadband vs mobile hotspot

While both these methods allow you to connect to the internet, there are key differences that you need to take into account. Their relevance will depend on your requirements for using the internet, but you should keep them in mind when choosing between the two.

Speed caps/Data limits

Most home broadband packages have either unlimited or high-bandwidth packages (typically around 1TB/month). As such, you don’t have to worry about how much internet you consume each month. However, mobile packages tend to have much lower monthly allowances (around 30GB/month), after which the speed will slow to a crawl unless data extensions are added. If there are multiple users at home and also taking into account how much video is played online (which takes up large amounts of data), this limit will be reached quickly.

Average internet speed

The internet speed will depend on your location and Internet Service Provider (ISP). In an urban area, speeds are usually around the 100Mbps mark and these users will experience seamless and high-speed internet. But, the further away you live from urban areas, the slower the internet speeds become. With the technology of current mobile devices, 4G only allows internet speeds to reach up to 60Mbps. This speed is good enough for most internet purposes but if there are too many users, the speed will tend to slow down considerably.

Pros and Cons – Hotspot Internet

Whether you need a home broadband service or mobile hotspot will depend on how you use the internet. By highlighting the pros and cons below, you will be able to decide whether a hotspot is a good fit for you.

The pros

  • No installation or extra equipment is necessary to get started
  • Can be accessed from any mobile device
  • Can be taken on the go when required
  • Can save you money in the long run (explained below)

The cons

  • Not all hotspot packages are unlimited
  • Speeds tend to be slower than home broadband
  • You may need to switch your cellphone carrier to get hotspot access in your area
  • Not recommended for high-speed or high-download internet users

Saving money with an unlimited hotspot connection

The biggest problem with a hotspot connection is the data limit and speed cap. Because cell carriers want to provide a solution for both call connectivity and the internet, the data limits are quite low. However, this problem can be eliminated with the addition of an unlimited hotspot package. For regular internet users who mainly use it for work, study, or entertainment, this is a great alternative for home broadband as the speeds are sufficient and you can access the internet from anywhere, even on the move. The only users for who this is not recommended are online gamers or internet-heavy users as the speeds cannot match their requirements. However, for almost anyone else, you can get access to high-speed internet while saving money in the process. The average American spends $60-$100/month on home broadband internet. They also additionally pay between $60-$90/month for their cell phone plans. By switching to an unlimited hotspot, they only need to pay for one package per month, the sum of which will be lower than paying for both. Unlimited hotspot providers like Wireless Solutions LLC offer their service for around $129/month. You make this one simple payment per month and you get access to high-speed and unlimited internet, which can be accessed from anywhere around the country. Save yourself some money by switching to an unlimited hotspot package today!

September 22, 2021

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