Internet in rural areas is bad – How wireless internet solutions are changing the game

Living in rural areas can be comforting and quiet. It is a complete change from bustling city life, and some of us prefer to live and work in that peaceful environment. However, one of the most significant drawbacks is the lack of proper rural internet connectivity. At best you’d probably get spotty connections throughout most of the day. And with today’s internet requirements (i.e taking zoom meetings), that is nowhere near enough. 

Until recently, fixed connections such as DSL were the only options available for internet in rural areas. But with wireless internet solutions entering the arena, access to stable and fast internet is now a possibility. 

Why is the internet in rural areas so bad?

Over 14 million people in the US who live in rural areas lack access to proper internet connectivity. Improving infrastructure in these areas has been a priority. However, they are yet to find a stable working method for fixed connections in those areas. Here’s why:

  1. Building the infrastructure is challenging and expensive

Unlike cities, there is a lot more work that needs to go into the infrastructure to make it work smoothly in rural areas. There are a lot of barriers – like trees and hills – to work around. Additionally, there is a need for proper infrastructure. When using cables, they will have to wire over long distances which can be costly and unsafe.

  1. Even mobile connections are spotty due to physical barriers

Sometimes the only option would be to use a mobile connection with a limited data plan. Though this is already expensive and limited, there can be internet problems due to the surroundings. Hills, trees, and even animals can mess with wireless mobile signals. 

  1. There aren’t enough people living in rural areas

Though the entire population of people living in rural areas is large, they are located over vast areas of land. Each location will require cell towers and other infrastructure for users to get fast internet speeds. However, each of these locations will only house a small number of people. Nowhere near as big as the populations in cities. 

This does not look enticing to private telecommunications companies. And so, they have no motivation to spend money in these locations. In the end, very few private companies would build the infrastructure without a guarantee that they can make that money back.

Why fixed wireless internet solutions are the future

A fixed wireless internet solution differs from traditional methods because it doesn’t rely on cables. It makes use of an access point receiving the internet connection and then sending those signals to receivers in rural locations. It uses line-of-sight to ensure high-speed and reliable internet connections. The distance between the access point and the receiver can typically go over 10 miles.

Another way to connect online is through satellite internet. This was popular because it can transmit internet signals to almost anywhere on the planet, unlike cable connections. However, it suffered from throttling issues and dropped connections which are annoying to deal with.

Fixed wireless internet has combined the best of both wired and satellite internet to help maintain high speeds. Here’s why fixed wireless internet should be your go-to choice:

A fixed wireless connection is going to be more stable and reliable than a satellite connection.

A satellite connection will become spotty due to external conditions such as cloudy/rainy weather. They also don’t provide very high speeds but are good enough to just browse the web. If you end up using too much data, your internet can be throttled. You’ll have to deal with slow internet.

The line-of-sight technology ensures a stable connection. 

Installing a wireless connection is much faster

It’s simpler and less expensive than other methods. You don’t need any equipment other than your receiver.

  1. These new-age, wireless connections provide fast enough speeds to stream HD videos and play online games. With a wired or satellite connection, your experience with streaming or gaming is going to be frustrating.
  1. Unlike mobile connections, you will have larger data limits for more affordable rates. You can cut down on your internet bills by a lot!

Why are fixed wireless connections aren’t a Great Idea?

  1. There must always be a line-of-sight between the access point and the receiver. There is also a distance limit. Once exceeded, you won’t be able to receive signals.
  1. Even though you aren’t paying for extra equipment, the cost is not cheap. It will be in-line with wired connection prices but at much better service and speeds. 

Though wireless solutions have all these advantages, you still need to choose the best provider for reliability. Trusted service providers like Wireless Soltions LLC have affordable rates and country-wide coverage. Learn more about their service and make the switch to fixed wireless internet today!

December 22, 2021

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