LTE home internet – Making LTE your primary internet source

Using the LTE home internet
Wired internet connections have long been the go-to internet source for most households. They provide a decent, stable connection that allows you to have hassle-free internet connectivity. When choosing LTE home internet, you can look at the following options:
  • Fiber connection
  • Cable
  • DSL

Why go for a Reliable LTE Home Internet Connection?

These are great for when you’re living in urban, populated areas. It is because this is where network providers usually provide the best coverage. Also, since you’re using wires, it is easier to set up these connections in urban areas.
We are now able to use wireless internet connections to get a similar internet experience as you would with a wired connection
Wired connections are not optimal for people who are constantly on the move or live in rural areas. Connection speeds will be slow. You will find it difficult to even stream a video online or maintain an uninterrupted zoom call. The internet usage will be restricted. Also, it involves a lot of equipment (like satellite internet), and won’t be stable.
This is why new technology such as LTE home internet can be a massive improvement for some people. Let’s discuss further below if LTE will be a good enough switch for your requirements.

What is LTE internet?

LTE, aka Long Term Evolution, is a term used for 4G internet that delivers a fast and stable connection to mobile devices. It is the modern standard for wireless data transmissions. It allows you to download, stream, and browse the internet at a much faster speed. And it does this better than its predecessor – 3G internet.
LTE was solely created to access the internet while on the move. In 2021, over 89% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. That accounts for around 7.1 billion people. Smartphones have completely taken over modern communication. The change has allowed us to create the infrastructure for a high-speed and stable LTE internet experience.

The experience of switching to LTE home internet

With changes made to how LTE internet works, users gain by switching to modern technology. 

1. Mobile hotspots are improving


You can receive LTE signals directly to your mobile phone – and they are more secure than before today. You can then convert your phone into a portable hotspot that allows you to share the internet connection with other nearby devices. Wireless Solutions LLC delivers fast and stable connections while you’re on the move. Or, even if you are in a remote location where signals were not strong in the past.
With recent devices, you are even able to share a hotspot with over up to 32 devices simultaneously. This really opens up the possibilities of using an LTE connection at home.
That’s true even if you have a whole family sharing that internet connection. You don’t have to be restricted to wired connections to make this happen.

2. Your connection will be secured


Public Wi-Fi is sometimes the only option available to travelers constantly on the move or those who live in rural areas. These connections are usually congested, slow, and a hassle to use.
However, if you use your phone or purchase a wireless mobile router, you won’t need to rely on public Wi-Fi any longer. Your devices won’t be exposed to unrestricted connections and your safety is reassured.

3. LTM modems have become versatile and user-friendly


It is now as simple as purchasing a mobile router and inserting a SIM into the readily available slot to get access to the internet. You don’t need to deal with wires, dishes, or any other equipment to get a connection. This makes it much easier to travel with a router and get internet anywhere. Or, even switch the router between the rooms you are occupying at home. This will ensure you always have a strong connection.
LTE home internet can change the way you access the internet for the better. There are enough options available to you in the current market.

Take Your Pick from the Best LTE Home Internet


Wireless Solutions LLC offers a wide range of internet packages and mobile routers for you to choose from. We provide high-speed and reliable network connections no matter where you are in the US. Inquire with us today to learn more about our services. Find out how we can improve your home internet connection.

October 5, 2021

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