Moving to a remote location? Know the best unlimited wifi plans for rural areas

Unlimited internet

Working remotely has one big positive that is alluring to many of us – Being able to work any time and from anywhere we prefer. We are not bound to the common workplace practices. For one, you do not have a fixed working schedule and having to show up at the office on time every day. But can you get hold of a good Unlimited WiFi plan?

Finding the Best Unlimited WiFi Plan for You 

Are you someone who loves to travel or you’re looking to get away from the stress of a bustling city? You can take your work with you to remote locations away from all the noise. You only need to hire an RV for long-distance travels. Or, just pack up your car and drive off to a rural area with a picturesque home you’ve only seen in pictures.  

But, it’s not just about work. You may have your family with you enjoying the escapade as well. One thing you need for sure – having an active internet connection. Now, finding connectivity signals without a proper plan beforehand is going to be tough. Cell towers aren’t able to reach all locations. And if you’re not careful, your phone won’t get any signals way out in the boonies.  

This is why it is important that you prepare in advance before you decide to move to a rural location. You will need to decide on how you’re going to:  

– Receive the internet connection (the hardware),

– Choose a package that fits your requirements,

– And that the network provider is actually able to reach you in distant locations.  

How can you set up an internet connection in rural areas for unlimited WiFi?

  There are a few options available to you to set up a connection:  

1. Satellite Internet –

You will need to set up a receiving dish near your home. A satellite in space will beam data from your internet provider to this dish, allowing you to access the internet. While this is an option that allows you to receive internet in a wide range of locations, the connection tends to unreliable and very expensive.   

2. Cellular mobile connectivity –

Your phone and other mobile devices can receive internet signals directly. You can simply convert your phone into a mobile hotspot which will then act just like a Wi-Fi router. You can connect additional devices to this network and use the internet.   

This is a simple option and you don’t need to purchase any more hardware but it highly unlikely that you can get workable internet speeds in rural areas, the data cap is usually much lower than Wi-Fi, and mobile data packages are also more expensive.  

3. Fixed wireless broadband –

This is just like using Wi-Fi at home. You set up a receiving router which is then able to get high-speed broadband internet via radio waves sent by your internet provider.    This is considered one of the best options for people in rural areas as the signals are able to reach them consistently with high speeds and a lot more bandwidth. The only problem could be that if there is too much interference in the way (trees, buildings, mountains), there can be signal and latency issues.  

Selecting an Unlimited WiFi internet package for rural areas

  Just as how the right internet connection hardware needs to be set up right, the package you choose for yourselves needs to be given some thought too. Y

ou don’t want to run out of internet when you really need a way out in the wilderness. Your work will definitely be affected and there may be danger of your safety as well.   

Sometimes it might not be as easy as picking up your phone and calling your local internet provuder like you would do in urban areas.

There may not be cell towers in the area, and if you run out of internet, you will be cut off from the outside world.   This is why most people recommend getting an unlimited internet connection. You won’t have to worry about running out of data at times when you need it most.

There are reliable internet provides such as Wireless Solutions LLC that offer unlimited Wi-Fi plans for rural areas. We reach remote locations with our network and offer affordable and convenient internet packages.    Contact us today to learn more or choose an internet package and find the best unlimited WiFi plan for you today!

October 13, 2021

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