Rural internet: How to boost internet signals?

Rural internet connection.

Ah, the bliss of the green trees, the quiet of nature, and the less pollution, fewer people, and little traffic make life much nicer in rural areas. We could not agree more. But finding a stable internet connection in rural areas can be a significant struggle for most residents. Are you one of them? Are you struggling to get a good internet signal at your rural residence or offices? This is a struggle for many rural residents, and we have highlighted a few quick fixes to help you solve this problem. 

Best hacks to boost Rural internet in rural areas

PWE research reports have found that more than 72% of rural Americans have internet connections in their homes. But connectivity and stability of this connection are still a major cause of concern. Here are the best and most used hacks to boost the internet signals at your rural residence. Try them out before you contact your internet provider. 

1. Identify the problem

Many a time, when users complain of a bad internet connection where their connection might be okay, and there might be some other technical fault. You can have a torn wire on the modem, you can have your router antenna pointed in the wrong direction, or your router might be placed far away from the window. Identify what the problem is before you work on finding a viable solution. 

2. Upgrade to a 5G connection

If there is a 5G service available in your location, you should upgrade soon. 4G services are slowly becoming slower with the advent of the new age 5G services, and it is a wise decision to make the shift, and do it soon and get up to “speed.” A 5G connection in your home network uses a wireless network and upgrades your system to the next generation of technology. 

3. Go wireless

Internet sharing in these systems is quite hard. If you are still using a wired internet connection, you might face many usage problems when there are other users in your house. You should go for a wireless mesh router system to get a stable connection, even when there are multiple users in your zone. This will connect all your phones, laptops, tablets, televisions, and other cloud devices under one system. And simply untie your life from all the extra “cords.” 

4. Change your router equipment

Did you upgrade your internet package to a 5G plan and did not change or upgrade your router system? Well, that is a significant cause for concern. There is a high chance that your internet technology and your router at home are not compatible. You need to ask your internet provider to make an upgrade. An old and outdated router will not support the current high-speed wireless internet connections. It will simply make your internet connection unstable. 

5. Upgrade your internet plan

Check with your internet provider and look at your internet bill to find out what internet package you use. Tally the speed mentioned in the internet package with a speed checker and see if your provider gives the speed they claim to provide. Make sure you get your money’s worth in the plan you choose. If it still does not work, you probably should upgrade your internet plan and get a better package that provides faster speed. 

Change the router position

At times we see many customers placing their routers on the ground of their home or placing it far away from the window. This will definitely slow down the internet speed.

Also, placing your router in front of a microwave or television can decrease your connection speed. You need to choose an open space, preferably higher up than the ground level, and near some window to help it catch the right signals. Also, you should never tamper with the router antenna positions. They should always remain at the exact place that your internet provider had set during installation. 

Its time to rethink your internet provider

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June 22, 2022

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