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The rise of remote working and e-commerce has made the internet a vital component of everyday life. However, despite this, over 30% of the rural population still struggles with connectivity issues. Wired networks are challenging to connect and install in rural areas. In such cases, satellite and data sim internet are the two most viable solutions. 

If you can’t access traditional broadband services, these make great alternatives. Both types of services have distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, before that, you must know precisely what satellite and data sim internet is. 

What is Satellite Internet?

Simply put, satellite internet is a network service using satellites to provide internet. You need to install a receiver dish when using satellite internet. Low-earth orbit or geostationary satellites use these to transmit signals. 

The advantage of satellite internet is its accessibility. Orbiting satellites can provide an internet connection to any spot on earth. The network is most stable during clear weather conditions. During this phase, the speed may vary from 12 mb/s to 150 mb/s. The connection strength depends on your location. 

Issues with Satellite Internet 

However, the network is prone to disruptions. Bad weather conditions can easily interrupt the satellite-dish connection. Other issues faced by satellite internet users include

  • Poor download speeds
  • Long latency
  • Long data contracts
  • Usage limits
  • Data caps 

The main issue with satellite internet is unreliable connectivity. Data speeds and strengths vary depending on your location. Additionally, your plan costs and availability may also be dictated by this factor. If your spot is hedged in a valley, you will almost certainly get very low-speed internet. Such an issue occurs because the orbiting satellite cannot send/receive signals to/from your dish effectively. 

What is Data Sim Internet?

Instead of using satellites, a data sim provides internet access via a cellular signal. These connections are made by registering and installing a data sim. The service provider assigns the plan of your choice to your account. Such a subscription lets you connect to the Internet via hotspots. A data sim can be used in all mobile devices, including phones and tablets. 

You can also use a dedicated hotspot device for your data sim. Models like Jetpack MiFi 8800L help boost your signal strength and speed. You will have stronger connectivity even when connecting to multiple devices. These connectors also have lithium-ion batteries. With this setup, you can access the internet for up to 24 hrs per session without running out of juice. 

The data charges and costs for data sim internet vary from vendor to vendor. You should therefore read the service page carefully before signing up for any service. 

Satellite Internet vs. Data SIm Internet 

Both satellite and data sim internet have their share of pros and cons. For example, the former has a higher availability, while the latter is more stable. So, before choosing your connection, here are some things you should know about

Latency and Speed

In terms of speed and latency, data sims trump satellite internet. The latter is a newer tech and is in its development phase. In contrast, cellular-based connections have significantly better latency. Their rate averages 30 to 40ms compared to the 600ms figure for satellite connections. 

This quality gives data sim users fewer lags during internet use. Streaming and gaming are also smoother with this type of connection. Upload speeds on data sim networks are around half of the download speed. In contrast, uploading with satellite internet typically takes hours. The rate often hits as low as three mb/s. 

Data Stability

Data sims do not require extensive hardware. This type of internet connection does not use a modem or a satellite dish. These qualities make them more resistant to bad weather conditions.  Without cables or receiver dishes, you connect directly to the service towers. 

Compared to this, satellite internet relies on orbiting vessels thousands of miles away in space. As a result, this system is more prone to weather-based disruptions. 


Both satellite and data sim solutions are ideal for rural areas. However, when choosing your service, you need high-speed and reliable internet. Easy-to-install data sim services are the perfect solution for these needs. 

April 12, 2023

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