Staying Connected on the Move – A guide to wireless RV internet

RV Internet

Planning a cross-country trip over a couple of months? Looking to take your remote working career to its pinnacle work-life balance? An RV (recreational vehicle) is a great way to get around and live a mobile lifestyle. And if you can combine it with reliable wireless RV internet – it’s even better.

Back in the day, traveling around meant there were times when you couldn’t access the internet or call people. You’d have to re-enter civilization, find a Wi-Fi parking ground, or go to a gas station to get in touch. However, you can finally get off the grid for a long time and still be connected to the online world using wireless RV internet.

Is there anything different about Wireless RV internet?

RV internet or Wi-Fi is the same as any other method of accessing the internet. You can use a phone, router, or any other Wi-Fi-enabled device to provide you with the connection required.

You need to get a connection from a nearby signal tower. No matter how isolated you are, you need to have the right set up to manage a remote wireless internet connection.

How do people usually connect to Wi-Fi on the move?

There are usually two constants to accessing the internet. For one, you need to be close to a signal tower. Also, you need to have the right equipment and package.

The main methods that people use to access the internet on the move are:

  1. Publicly accessible Wi-Fi networks – Gas stations, McDonald’s Wi-Fi
  2. Wireless cellular providers – AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon
  3. Satellite internet – Starband, Dish

With public Wi-Fi, you will be limited to where you can travel. Also, you will have to deal with overloaded servers and equipment. That means you won’t always be able to get a fast and stable connection.

Satellite internet is great for watching TV and other small tasks. But, the equipment is expensive, heavy, and requires a lot of work to maintain. Satellite internet is not suitable to realtime video (like Zoom, etc), playing video games and other latency dependent applications.

As such, the easiest option that has evolved with the times is cellular connections. Gone are the days when mobile data was expensive and unreliable. Back then, you’d be lucky to get a good mobile connection way out in the boonies and even if you did, the speed and connection would be mostly unusable.

However, there have been improvements in the way signals are sent and received from signal towers to mobile devices. We are able to travel farther away while still getting a good enough internet connection to stream videos and make video calls.

This has enabled remote workers and RV travelers to make the most of their isolation while still being able to work when necessary.

What do you need for a mobile RV internet connection?

These days, you are not limited to purchasing a Wi-Fi package, a router, and finding a place to plug it inside the RV. All you need is a sim card, a mobile data package, and a mobile phone or wireless router.

With a wireless router, you can insert the sim card and it will work exactly like your Wi-Fi router at home. However, it will work without all of the additional cables. This router will be able to pick up connection signals from far away.

Or you could simply use a mobile phone or tablet you have lying around. Just insert the sim card, set it to “mobile hotspot tethering” and your phone will act as the receiver and emitter of the internet connection. You won’t lose signal through this method either.

How do you get an unlimited RV internet connection?

It is not only the devices used that matter but also the company from which you receive the connection. More obscure network providers may not be able to provide reliable connections in rural isolated areas.

Wireless Solutions LLC specializes in wireless internet for rural areas. Stay connected to the internet no matter where you drive to.

Wireless Solutions LLC offers an unlimited wireless RV internet package. It’s perfect for anyone ready to hit the road in the coming weeks. For more information on our packages and what we have to offer, you can inquire with us or simply get started with the process.



October 7, 2021

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