The Ultimate Guide to Making use of Unlimited Mobile Hotspot Plans on the Move

Wireless connectivity

In an era that is so connected to the digital world, most of us find it almost impossible to leave home without a mobile internet connection. Whether it is for work or pleasure, we want to be connected to the internet even while on the move.

A decade ago this would have been a much tougher challenge than it is now. With improvements in smartphone technology and broadband, we are now able to always be connected to the internet as long as we are within a distance of cell towers. Though as technology improves, even these limitations will quickly become irrelevant. Wireless Solutions can help you experience truly unlimited mobile hotspot plans.

How do you stay connected on the go?

There are a few ways you can stay connected on the move:

  1. You use a SIM card and mobile data package to use the internet from your smartphone
  2. You use a free wifi hotspot where possible. Such as coffee shops or malls
  3. You carry around a portable Wi-Fi router with a prepaid package
  4. You can use tethering with unlimited mobile hotspot plans through your smartphone

Using a mobile package on your smartphone will only allow you to use the internet through the mobile and you won’t be able to use your laptop or other electronic devices. Also, finding a free but stable public Wi-Fi hotspot is not an easy task. Most times, the internet will be slow and you will be forced to stop at these locations until you are done using it.

As such, these are not the best options to use while on the move, so let’s focus on the other methods in the blog below.

What is a Wi-Fi/Mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is able to connect to a 4G or 5G mobile data network and then transmit a fresh, secure Wi-Fi network for you and those around you. You can use either your mobile phone or a portable hotspot router as the transmitter to receive and send out these signals.

Most smartphones come with this feature already installed. You simply need to switch it on in the settings menu to connect the other devices to the internet through your mobile. The things you will need to have a successful mobile hotspot connection are:

  • Data sim – A sim card is what is used to connect your mobile device to a particular telecom carrier. It allows you to take calls and use the internet through the provider you have selected.
  • Data plan – You need to set up a plan with your provider in order to use the sim card for the internet or calls. This ranges from unlimited mobile hotspot plans to unlimited calls to any network.
  • Mobile device – You need a compatible mobile phone with the hotspot feature installed. This will be the conduit for the internet connection.

Once you have set up all these factors, you basically have a portable Wi-Fi router that allows you to connect to the internet at any time. However, there are still limits to how long you can access the internet.

Choosing a mobile data plan

Compared to home broadband plans, mobile plans tend to be more expensive and limited. With a home broadband account, you can get up to 100Mbps speeds for around $50 per month with a large data cap, usually around 250GB.

However, with a mobile connection speeds are usually limited to a max of 50Mbps and you have a data cap of 30GB for the price of $30. As such, if you’re planning on using data consistently while on the road, you will be spending a lot more than home broadband.

So what is the alternative? Unlimited mobile hotspot plans.

There are some providers that charge a fixed monthly price for an almost unlimited connection to the internet. They will provide you with a sim that you can insert into your phone to use or you can purchase a specific router from them for this purpose.

One of these providers is Wireless Solutions LLC and they have an unlimited plan. This is one of the more truly unlimited connections that you would find in the local market, and you can guarantee unfettered access for the whole month.

Even if you don’t want unlimited, you can get 300GB or 500GB limits to suit your needs. They utilize AT&T and T-Mobile mobile networks which are both well-known and trusted telecom companies.

Mobile hotspot FAQ

  1. Can a mobile hotspot work without a signal?

No, a working connection to the nearest cellular tower is essential for the internet to work. Though with Wireless Solutions LLC you can go quite remote and still have access to the internet, which other providers can struggle to do.

  1. How many devices can I connect at one time?

Typically you can connect to 5 devices at a time, though this will depend on your mobile phone or router.

  1. Will it affect my phone’s performance and lifespan

Battery drain will be the only issue you will have with a mobile hotspot. You can simply plug your phone in whenever you have the hotspot on.

September 15, 2021

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