Top Tips to Boost Internet Speeds in Rural Areas

Rural internet.

Many people in America who live in remote locations have a hard time getting a good internet connection. Most of these connections are not stable, or the internet speed is not up to the mark, making life quite hard for residents. But the modern world and high-speed working environment demand high-speed internet. Are you a rural resident struggling with your internet speed? Does the speed keep fluctuating and hamper your work? Well, we can help with that. Read on to know a few time-tested tricks to get better internet speed in rural areas. 

Top Tricks to Speed up your Rural internet

Stop sweating over losing out on valuable time at your office. We have 7 different tips to help you with your rural internet speed. Try all of them for the best results. 

1. Check if there is a data cap

Data caps are one of the biggest problems in internet speed issues. Till the time you are using the data within your limit, the speed might be okay. But once you cross the cap, your provider cuts down on your internet speed. You can also use a speed tester to know if you are getting the speed you paid for. Do you know if you have a data cap? Check your bill or call up your operator to find out. 

2. Reset your router with care

Resetting your router is a good idea to up your internet speed. But it comes with its own set of problems. You can do this process once a month to speed up your internet connection. But resetting the router can delete all your previous data. You must be prepared to lose your current data, like network settings and passwords. 

3. Clear your cache

Have you never checked the cache in your browser? Are you wondering what “cache” means? Well, now is the time to learn about it. When you browse through the internet, all websites collect information on you in the form of “cookies.” The only way to get rid of these cookies and trackers is to clear your cache folder. You can do it manually or can get a cache plug-in option to do it for you. 

4. Use ad-blockers

Is your internet quite slow in the rural areas, is your work getting hampered? You should start using ad-blockers to stop seeing unnecessary ads which slow down the internet. Most internet browsers have some ad or the other. Even if you are not bothered by these ads, your internet is. These ads take a lot of internet data to load and cut down on the speed. Install an ad-blocker and do away with these unnecessary ads. This will spare some bandwidth for your internet and up the speed. 

5. Test your lines

Many a time, there are problems in the wiring of the house that can disrupt the internet connection. A faulty cable caused by a thunderstorm is one of the most common occurrences. You need to call your internet operator or an electrician and get the wires checked. 

6. Wireless is the best option

If your area has an unstable internet speed even after all the changes you made, you should go wireless. A wireless connection is much more stable than a cable-based connection. It also provides better speed even with multiple users logged in at the same time. 

7. Reposition the router or change it

Sometimes people tend to place their routers in closed spaces or on the floor. It can mess up the internet speed. You need to position the router in an open space, near a window, and much above ground level to get the best speed.

Data also says that a change in an outdated router can speed up your internet. How so? Say your old router supports a 100 Mbps speed limit. But your new internet provider has 300 Mbps internet options. The old router will not support this new plan. Always use the latest router to get the best internet speed. 

Time to change your internet provider

Tried all of the above tricks and tips to get a better internet speed? None of it worked? It is probably time for you to change your internet provider. Sign up with us, and we will ensure you have high-speed internet at your rural residence at all times. At Wireless Solutions, we promise you uninterrupted and unlimited internet use at a great speed. Talk to us now to get started. 

July 27, 2022

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