What does fixed wireless internet mean?

fixed wireless internet

A fixed wireless internet connection is one that is set at a particular location. This mostly includes home and office settings. Only devices inside this internet zone can stay connected to this internet connection. Why? Because this connection is location specific. These devices need electricity to function.  

Fixed wireless internet networks are different from fibre or DSL services. These connections are stable and dependable and hence have a huge user base. Fixed wireless uses radio signals to send internet between two locations. Rural places are the main users of this type of wireless internet. And while there are disadvantages of one, it’s ideal for a rural scenario. Unless, of course, you’re looking at wireless offerings from Wireless Solutions LLC.

To be honest, the fixed wireless internet market is growing fast. Deloitte data says the number of users will grow from 60 million in 2020 and become 88 million by 2022. Want to know more about wireless internet and how it works? Read this article to find out. We will do an in-depth analysis of fixed wireless internet connections. 

How does fixed wireless internet work?

Now we know what a fixed wireless internet is. Let us find out how it works. When you choose this plan, the provider installs a receptor device in your home/office. This device connects with the closest wireless base station. This will give you access to the internet through a cable carrying the broadband signal. The cable will bring the internet to the router and create a WiFi zone in the house. 

Fibre and DSL connections are very expensive. Hence rural areas mostly prefer fixed wireless internet. This is a cheaper and more efficient choice, unless you’re looking at one of our wireless plans. The receiver just needs to be within a 10-mile radius of the base station. High-end wireless can also omit the telephone system to provide you internet. 

Advantages and disadvantages of fixed wireless internet

The fixed wireless internet connection has some pros and cons; let us find out. 


  • Fixed wireless internet is very easy to set up, though not as easy as ours. It does not require multiple cables and devices to set up. 
  • They are a much cheaper option than DSL and fibre internet connections. 
  • Fixed wireless services also have large data usage caps (100GB or more). Their data is not limited like cellular networks. Some of these plans also offer unlimited usage options. 
  • This particular technology offers high-speed download. They can sometimes even be quicker than other internet services. 
  • You do not need a phone plan to get a fixed wireless connection. They are independent of each other. And while not as convenient as our offering, it gets the job done.
  • In case a user moves houses, their device can move without much hassle. But the customer has to stay within a 10-mile radius of the service station. Not like our plans – where you can pretty much move as you want.
  • Even remote area subscribers can use this network. This does not require additional cables and fibre connections.
  • As the number of subscribers increases, the costs go down even further. 
  • A fixed wireless internet has much better bandwidth than other connections. 


  • If you move houses beyond the 10-mile radius, you have to get a new connection.
  • Extreme weather conditions can disrupt this internet connection. Heavy fog, rain or storms can cause an unstable network.
  • Users need a line of sight between their receiver device and the service station. Obstructions like trees and poles can cause disruption.
  • In some areas, these connections can be costly. But to get good rates, you need to find the right provider. 

Fixed wireless internet for work and gaming 

You need a bigger data cap if you plan to use your fixed wireless internet for games and work. If you have a heavy load of work, that can cause the internet to lag. But in normal usage, it works smoothly and stably. Games that use a lot of data and have big files can cause a lag. Know your need and then decide on your internet plan o get the best results. 

How much can fixed wireless internet cost?

Now comes the most important question. How much does wireless internet generally cost? The cost depends on your provider and the data package you choose. There are a lot of cheaper options if you have low data requirements. Compare prices from different providers and package options before installation. 

Parting Thoughts

A fixed wireless internet connection is a great option for all remote and rural area users. But even better are wireless plans that offer no restrictions! And Wireless Solutions LLC has some of them for you to choose from today! Our plans are cost-effective and useful simultaneously. So, call us now to get started!

November 3, 2022

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