What is Portable WiFi? Why Do You Need One?

Portable WiFi.


Portable WiFi makes the Internet accessible to everyone at any place and time. With several devices having a hotspot, why do you need another device? It prevents battery drain and uses the phone battery for other purposes.

Did you know that portable WiFi saves your mobile data plan? As it runs on battery, it works longer than smartphones.

With public networks, it is risky to depend on them for the devices. It is difficult to get a secure network. Other than that, there are also stronger encryption rules.

You can access sites during banking transactions or confidential data transfers. With this device, you can set any password rules or use the current safety standards.

Some portable wifi devices use the data plans of the manufacturer, while others from internet service providers.

According to a WBA industry report, WiFi usage boosted during the pandemic.

What should you know about Portable WiFi?

This is similar to the router wifi at home, except that they are wireless. It connects to the Internet through any network.

This small gadget broadcasts the Internet to the devices surrounding it. It enables you to generate a personal network while traveling.

Working process of a Portable WiFi

The router converts 3G or 4G connection into a private wifi signal for various devices. Hence, it functions as a wifi access point and creates a wifi radio field of 10-15 meters. It is no need to install software and cables to use it. Just turn it on and follow the guidelines.

So, the portable wifi is a router similar to a mobile wifi hotspot. It has a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card to provide Internet to tablets, personal computers, and smartphones. It helps build high-speed broadband connectivity with ten users at a time.

Who uses Portable wifi?

It is apt for those who want a safe mobile internet connection, and who doesn’t need that? Any professor, student, or homemaker can use it to stay connected while traveling.

How to choose a Portable WiFi Device?

You must select the devices based on the number of devices and data usage. After you decide, you can buy a plan accordingly.

The other main factor is the wifi speed, and you must check how fast the router is. It should be an updated device with a data transfer speed of up to 300Mbps and a 4G network connection.

The best portable wifi is light in weight with long battery life. Some have storage options with USB memories or a MicroSD card. High-speed Browsing for long hours is possible with good battery life.

Benefits of portable Wifi

There are several benefits of portable wifi comprising:

  • Fast and quick connection
  • Relatively cheaper than the data roaming charges while traveling overseas.
  • Connects many devices (generally up to 5-10)
  • Please don’t waste time searching for insecure public wifi, as the router is the safest.
  • You can surely get wifi access during your emergency.
  • Lightweight and small device portable for traveling.
  • You can make internet phone calls when you don’t have a phone signal
  • Access to great speed wifi wherever you go.
  • The safest way to surf the Internet compared to public wifi in bars and cafes.

Do portable wifi work anywhere?

The portable wifi device works in any place. But, the SIM card must program to function in particular zones. The router eases global travel with steady connectivity.

It is perfect for people who have business trips and want a reliable and safe connection. With portable wifi anywhere, you can access the Internet. It is possible to use it via a password, and it does not permit any unfamiliar user.

Final word

Nowadays, we want reliable internet access wherever we go. But, depending on costly mobile data plans or public wifi hotspots is not convenient. A better way to enjoy the perks of internet access is portable WiFi. It is simple to set up and is quite handy.

They give more vital coverage, are convenient to use, and last for many hours with a single charge.

If you are looking for a high-speed portable Wifi router, Wireless Solutions is your answer. We provide one SIM card data plan, two SIM card data plans, and SimTell (E-SIM) Data Plans.

Whether traveling home or on business trips, a portable wifi router gives you excellent Internet access.

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May 4, 2022

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