When’s the best time to switch providers to access unlimited wireless internet?

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Having used a particular Internet Service Provider (ISP) for a while, you may be tempted to shift over to another ISP. Whether it is due to pricing or internet speeds, switching providers is the best way of ensuring high-speed internet and seamless connectivity.

A good deal that you received two years ago from one ISP may not be the best choice right now, or you may be on a limited-time deal with an ISP, meaning the current prices are going to increase even more after that period is over. Whatever the case, improvements in technology and competition levels will usually provide you with a better deal when you do some research in the market.

However, switching your ISP tends to be a lengthy process that you need to mull over before committing. There are a few factors you need to take into account such as whether you want unlimited wireless internet or if you prefer a mobile hotspot over home broadband. Let’s discuss this further below.

Identify your internet needs before the switch

What’s the data usage on offer and the speed? You don’t want your internet connection slowing to a crawl or cutting off completely halfway through the month. By identifying your internet needs, you can decide if a limited package is good enough for you or if you need to purchase unlimited wireless internet each month.

Typically, these are what a regular household would require internet for:

  • Casual browsing – For this, fast speeds are not required and only a small amount of data is spent on web browsing. 
  • Social media – Almost everyone is on social media. Apps such as Instagram and TikTok eat up a lot of data when used every day. You will require at least 20GB and 25Mbps speed for seamless use.
  • Online gaming – For certain games, you require very high speeds reaching 100Mbps. But, as long as you don’t game or only play un-demanding games that require about 5Mbps speed, a normal internet connection should not be a problem for you.
  • Video streaming – Video is one of the biggest consumers of data. If you are constantly streaming HD videos and movies, you will need a larger data limit and at least 20Mbps of speed to avoid buffering. 

If, for example, you are a heavy user of social media and video streaming, then it would make sense for you to switch to an unlimited plan as you won’t have to worry about how much data you are spending. However, if you are a heavy online gamer, then you would need to worry about low ping and fast connections which can be gained through Fibre optics.

Why should you switch your ISP?

There are many reasons why you may want to switch your ISP, but it may not always be the best time or ISP to switch to. Let’s go through a few of the most common reasons:

  1. Your contract is expiring

When your initial contract is about to expire, you should expect the pricing to change as well. Prices that you received a few years ago are not going to stick now, or you may have joined that ISP through a promotional deal. If that is the case, you need to do your research into other ISPs and compare the prices before switching.

  1. You found a better ISP

At the time of finding your current ISP, you may have gotten a good deal or you didn’t know enough at the time to make an informed decision. Now, you may have read up and found additional ISPs that are a better fit for you. For example, you may want unlimited wireless internet and decide that Wireless Solutions LLC is the best option for you in your area.

When should you switch providers?

There are a few key times during the year when you would be able to get the best deal or move away from an existing ISP provider.

    1. Summertime shopping – Summer is a season when people tend to make big decisions such as moving homes. Businesses have identified this, and if you take a look online for promotions during this season, you will be bound to find a deal that fits your needs. 
    2. Don’t wait for the year-end – You may be tempted to find a new ISP towards the end of the year due to potential holiday discounts. However, research shows that prices tend to increase during the period of September – January. Therefore, you would be better off comparing prices during mid-year.
    3. When your contract is expiring – Now that you’re at the end of your contract, you can better compare your current experience and identify if you need any changes to your internet usage. It’ll be much easier to switch after your contact has already expired.

    Wireless unlimited internet is the best option during this pandemic period as everyone is at home and the internet is going to be used for multiple purposes from work to video streaming.

    If you find that your current internet plans aren’t sufficient, then you can choose to wait till mid-year to find promotional prices or you can switch to an affordable and reliable service such as what Wireless Solutions LLC provides right away!

    September 10, 2021

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