Why Do You Need Wireless Travel Routers on Your Next Vacation?

Wireless routers.


Travelers need to check email, update social media, check hotel reviews, stream their favorite content, and seek directions online. It can be irritating for a travel blogger to get online with weak Wi-Fi. Besides, you are not permitted to use several devices on one Internet connection. Sometimes, you will need more security for an unsecured public hotspot.

Wireless travel routers are a savior as you can stay connected easily. A travel router is a small device that resolves Internet issues with great features.

About Travel Router:

  • A travel router is a wireless range extender for people who feel cut off from the home. 
  • It carries out the functions of a wireless access point.
  • You must have a travel router while traveling since you use a home WiFi router to connect devices.
  • A travel router easily connects and manages devices on public Wi-Fi networks. 
  • Its usage is at the airport, hotels, restaurants, or sightseeing points.
  • The global wireless travel router market will expand rapidly between 2022 and 2027.

What is the role of a Travel router?

There are many features for travel routers. But, the main one is that they boost the range of wireless Internet networks. If you are in a hotel with a bad wireless signal, then the travel router will boost the signal.

Core features of a travel router:

· The travel router has a secure wireless network at a public hotspot. When we are traveling, the networks are unsecured and unencrypted. Due to this, anyone can get passwords or other data sent from the Internet. 

Travel routers have a firewall that secures your devices from DoS attacks and port scans. It is advisable not to share information on a public connection.

· Through a travel router, you can connect many devices to a network with a single login. You should log in once from the smartphone app or a web browser. This will help your travel router to connect all the devices with the network.

· You can use a travel router as a WiFi bridge. As it has ethernet ports, you can connect devices wirelessly to the WiFi network. These can range from Blu-ray players to Internet-ready TVs, and gaming consoles.

· Also, you can easily connect the travel router to a wired network and convert it into a wireless network. For instance, when you need to give USB charging power to phones.

What to check in for a travel router?

When you are buying a travel router, you must check the features like a standard wireless router.

1. Wi-Fi Standard and Band

Always check the Wi-Fi standards for a travel router. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is the quickest and latest standard. Besides, Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) are also good to go.

It is preferable to select one that supports the 5 GHz band. Since it has a lesser range than 2.4 GHz, it’s not much prone to noise and gives strong signals.

2. Battery Power

If you need a portable solution, then avail of a travel router powered with a USB port. In this way, you can plug it into your laptop as it’s convenient.

3. Ports

USB ports and Ethernet are important in a travel router. With Ethernet, you can convert a wired connection into a wireless connection.


 Advantages of a Travel Router

1. Easy Controls

The travel routers are simple to use with plug-and-play functionality. With a travel router, you need not connect your devices to the wireless network. You just need to connect the router to the network.

2. Portability

Travel routers are small and light in weight than conventional wireless routers. Hence, you can carry it in your backpack while traveling. 

3. Privacy

Due to the design of the router, you can keep your connected devices anonymous. So, you can do private web surfing without any hesitation.

Final Takeaway

As a traveler, you might have faced Internet connectivity issues. Thus, travel routers help you to boost weak signals. With these routers, you can carry out your important online work while traveling. It connects many devices with a single login. 

The security features are good enough as you can surf the web privately. Moreover, you can connect a travel router to a wired network and transform it into a wireless network.

Through Wireless Solutions, you can get high-speed Internet no matter where you are traveling. Our routers are compatible with main cellular networks.

Whether you are visiting your favorite place or staying in a hotel, boost your Internet speed with our routers –reach out to us today.

April 22, 2022

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