Why is my wireless Internet not showing up?

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Right before work, when you are trying to connect your laptop to your internet and it does not show up. It might drive you crazy, but there are multiple reasons why this can happen.

Let us find out some of the top reasons for this. 

  • If your network is not showing up, your router may be off. Or your router can be faulty or have a lost connection. Sometimes power disruptions in the house can also cause no show of the internet. 
  • There is also a chance that your device is out of range. Every internet server has a limited range of wireless internet. If your device is at one corner of the house and the router is far away, that might cause disruptions. Data says that the usual wireless internet range is between 50 – 150 meters. You might be out of this range hence the no-show. 
  • If you clear all your cache or reset your computer, the list of connections can change. This may cause your connection to not show up at times. In such cases, you may need to re-add your connection. 
  • You may have a hidden network due to security issues.
  • Some wireless internet connections take a while to show up on the list. Wait a while to see if it shows up soon. 

What are the best fixes when your wireless internet is not showing up?

Did your wireless internet stops showing? You do not have to call your operator immediately. You can follow some quick hacks and tips to solve it yourself. We made a list of some of the best solutions. Check them out below. 

Reset your router

If your internet does not show on one device, try detecting it on another. If it only does not show up on your device, then the issue is in your device. If it shows up in none of the devices, you can try to reset your router. You may lose old passwords and previously saved devices. But resetting the router helps take off some load and can fix the problem. You can also plug and unplug your router once. You should also check to see if your router has an active electricity connection. When you lose your electricity your internet will not show.  

Change your location

It will not show on your device if you are not within the wireless internet range. Try to change your location and move closer to the router. This will make the network show up and also make your connection strong. Try to stay within a 50 – 100 meter range for best results. You can also ask your operator for your internet range. This will give you a rough idea of where your device should be. 

You can try temporarily disabling your anti-virus

Sometimes anti-virus systems tend to block websites and servers. They do not seek permission before doing this. If the anti-virus felt your internet is an insecure network, it may stop it from showing up. You can turn off the anti-virus for some time to get access to your internet. 

Remove any object interference

You can lose connection if there is an object of interference between the router and your device.  Or it can even lead to your internet not showing up in the list of connections. A poll or a book in front of the router can all be disruptions. Even thick walls and large appliances can become interferences. Check to see and remove any such unwanted objects from the way. 

Switch browsers and check

Sometimes a particular browser fails to connect to your internet. You can try to connect through a different browser and see where the problem lies. 

Call your operator

Call your operator if none of these tips and tricks work to show your internet. Ask them the reason for this no-show. You can ask if this is a regional problem or specific to your house. Your operator should then check your device to identify the fault area. 

Parting Thoughts

Now that you know how to fix the internet no-show issue, do you think you can fix it? The next time this happens, make sure you try all the tips we spoke about. Or, switch to a reliable wireless internet plan with us – know how today!

May 11, 2023

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