Why is my Wireless Internet so slow?

Wireless connection.

Extremely internet connection giving you nightmares? Do those Monday blues become everyday blues due to bad wireless internet? Many people are not aware of it, but there are multiple reasons why your internet can be slow. It is not just a bad connection and bad service provider that slows down the internet. There are possibilities too. 

In this article, we will do a deep dive into why your wireless internet is slow. Does your work keep getting slower, or your video keeps buffering? Are you not able to stream any content or download things? There might be some hidden cause behind your slow internet. Read on to find out all the possible causes. 

Top 7 reasons why your wireless internet can be slow

We have listed out 7 of the top causes for wireless internet slowdown. See if this is the problem with your system. If it still does not pick up speed, it is time to call your operator. We have also provided solutions for each issue. 

You do not have enough internet bandwidth 

What internet plan did you choose when you got the internet connection? Many a time, people use a low bandwidth package. If you have a cap on your usage and you exceed that, your internet can become slow. Check your internet speed on an online website. After that, check your internet plan. If it has a very low cap, you must opt for a plan with a larger cap. This improves your bandwidth and stops all the lagging. 

Your router is not compatible with your system

Every internet router is not compatible with all kinds of internet connections. You need to check with your provider if your router is right. If you bought a cheaper router off the market, then it can slow down your internet. You can first try to reset the router. You may lose your previously saved data, like passwords and all, but the speed might increase. If it does not work, buy a compatible router after consulting your internet provider. 

You are using a heavy website

Gaming and design websites tend to use a lot of internet data. Even online streaming platforms need a lot of data to work. If you constantly use these websites, your internet can become slow. In such cases, you can opt for a bigger data plan. Or you can also try and use these heavy websites one at a time. Do not open multiple tabs and windows of these websites. This will prevent the internet from slowing down. 

Your device is in a bad spot

Wireless internet receptor devices need to be set in an open spot. This spot should be near the window. You shouldn’t have obstructions near the receiver to avoid any hindrance in connections. If you set your router in the middle of an enclosed room, your internet is bound to slow down. You can reposition your router to see better results. Also, you should not put the router on the floor. It should be at eye level, in a little elevated position. This helps the internet pick up speed. 

There are too many devices connected to your internet 

You should only connect limited devices when you have a smaller data plan. Why? Your internet will slow down if you connect many devices like phones, laptops, TVs, and more. Disconnect a few devices and check your internet speed once again. There is a high chance that the speed will increase. But you should get a higher data pack if you need to connect all the devices. 

Extreme weather conditions 

Wireless connections get affected by poor weather conditions like rain and snowfall. The connecting wire absorbs some of the moisture and disrupts the network. When your internet base station faces extreme weather, your internet can slow down. Research says that even high humidity can slow down the internet. 

Outsiders might be accessing your network

Is your wireless internet password a little too easy? Did you share it with your neighbours out of goodwill? Check to see how many users are on your network. Outsiders who live nearby may be wrongfully using your connection. You get a stronger password and solve this issue. 

Parting Thoughts

We learned 7 reasons why your wireless internet can be slow. But there is a possibility that your computer or phone might be slow. Check to confirm before you call your operator for more information. 

May 4, 2023

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