Why is my wireless WiFi not working?

Wireless Wifi.

In this digital age, all of us have become accustomed to regular WiFi around the house and office. From live streaming things to get to work from home, are uses of WiFi are now quite diverse. Everything goes fine until your WiFi stops working, and you see work piling up. WiFi can stop working due to multiple reasons. The internet has been in our lives for the past 4 decades, and now it is hard to imagine working without it. Your laptops and phones start feeling useless without WiFi. But we are here to help with that. 

In this article, we will try to figure out the top reasons why your wireless WiFi is not working. We will also provide you with the best remedies to get your WiFi to start working again. Read on to find out. 

6 reasons why your wireless WiFi is not working

When your WiFi stops working, it can be frustrating. But that surely does not solve the issue. Read on to know why your WiFi is not working. Identify the issue, and then we will provide you with solutions to resolve it. 

  1. Your WiFi is not enabled on a device

Every smart device, be it laptops, phones, or TVs, have a WiFi enabler button. You need to turn that on to ensure that your WiFi can connect to your device. You can turn on the WiFi button from the status bar of the settings of the device. Your device should show the WiFi signals when connected. Usually, the light will be either blue or green when enabled. 

  1. There is an internet outage in your area

Sometimes there is an overall internet outage in many localities and regions. Due to heavy internet usage since the pandemic, these outages have increased manyfold. According to data, the US sometime accounts for almost 50% of global internet outages. So, it is quite common here. At times when you are blaming your system for the WiFi being down, it can be your server area. Check with your operator to see if the WiFi in your area is down. You can also ask neighbors who share the same network. This will help confirm the source of the issue. 

  1. Your security key might be wrong

Sometimes people end up using the wrong security keys to their wireless WiFi. But even a wrong punctuation mark and wrong letter can make the internet stop working. So, recheck your security key data and see if you have entered it correctly. Follow the password to the T, and do not turn any letters into caps if they are small cases and vice versa. 

  1. Out-of-date modem and router 

Most WiFi routers and modems have lights in front of them. Check to see if these lights are blinking. If there is any red light or the greens are out, your router may be causing the issue. As a first step, try to reset and restart the router and modem. But remember, resetting may delete a few passwords. If it still does not work, your system might be out-of-date. 

At times people do not upgrade their systems due to cost issues. But an outdated router and modem will not be compatible with a new internet frequency. Check with your operator if your modem/router needs an upgrade. Do not wait for things to stop working, upgrade soon. 

  1. You are out of range 

Every wireless WiFi has a range in which it functions. It can range between 50 – 150 meters, depending on your plan and your router’s power. There is a high chance that you might be out of the WiFi range. Change your position and check to see if you can get the WiFi working again. You can also try to put your WiFi router/modem in a more central space in the house to get range throughout the house. 

  1. Obstruction between the router and your device

Any obstruction between the device and router can also cause disruption. You need to remove all kinds of objects in front of the router to avoid such situations. 

Parting Thoughts

In an emergency, you can also try connecting to a different WiFi network to get your work done. You can try tethering from your phone or use broadband internet for a while. And in the meantime, contact your operator to resolve the issue. 

November 28, 2022

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