Service Agreement

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ​ By accepting these Terms of Service and using the products and services provided to you, you are bound by the terms and conditions listed hereafter in any wireless carrier “Service Agreement”, “Acceptable Use Policy”, or related document which governs a user’s responsible use of network resources and services as referenced by the wireless carrier on their website. Additional terms and conditions may also apply.  



  1. You (“you” or “Subscriber”) are being provided an internet access service (“Service”). You are not being provided with any applications (such as internet telephone or cable TV) that might ­­­be provided with INTERNET service by other vendors. We are not involved in the creation or the provisioning of the service. The provider provides the service over its wireless network, using cell sites and frequencies licensed by the FCC. The service is not available in all locations, and you will only be able to access the service when within the operating range of the provider’s network, which may change at the sole discretion of the provider. The service may be disrupted or unavailable from time to time due to maintenance, emergencies, inclement weather, or other factors outside of our, or any of our provider’s control. The service and the related equipment needed to use the service (“Equipment”) may not function in the event of a power failure or disruption, and you may be required to reset or reconfigure your modem or other hardware in order to use the service thereafter. We and our providers assume no liability regarding any failure or lack of performance of the service.
  2. Use of the service is subject to the provider’s then-current (i) acceptable use policy (the “Provider AUP”) and incorporated herein by reference; and (ii) end-user terms and conditions (the “Provider T&C”). The provider reserves the right to change its AUP or T&C at any time.


Upon becoming a subscriber, you are responsible for prepaying for the first month’s service plus a one-time activation or membership fee with the plan you choose. This will be prior to receiving any equipment or SIM card(s). The subscription will start the day you sign up and your bill will be due on the first of every month. Payments will automatically be charged to the credit card on file. Cancellation of service must be done by the 20th of the month to avoid your regular schedule billing cycle due on the first of each month. 

14-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE (for device only)

If the portable device and internet service does not meet subscriber expectations, a refund of the first payment will be issued once the device has been shipped back, WITHIN 14 days from the date of receipt. ​ “Device” includes ​all equipment the subscriber received from Wireless Solutions (e.g., antenna, power cords/charger and the original box). Devices returned after this 14-day period will not be entitled to any refunds. ​


Our website privacy policy is incorporated into this agreement. However, we do not own, operate, maintain or control the cellular wireless service and do not have network management practices that control the inspection of network traffic. We do not store personally identifiable traffic information; we do not provide personally identifiable traffic information to third parties or use that information for non-network management purposes. The current providers discuss these matters in their “Open Internet Information”, which refers to the provider’s generally applicable privacy policies that may be viewed online at their site.


We do not own, operate, maintain, or control the service, and do not engage in the blocking or rate-control of specific protocols or protocol ports, nor do we modify any protocol fields or inhibit or favor any applications or classes of applications. The provider may engage in one or more of those activities. You should review the provider’s disclosures for application-specific practices by the provider that may affect your use of the service.


Speed rate depends upon the cellular service coverage and equipment capabilities. The maximum speed for the service is stated under optimal conditions and may vary significantly. Wireless Solution LLC does not offer, disclose, or guarantee minimum speeds. Plans may have speed limits imposed by the network provider. All memberships are provided on an AS IS basis and throughput speeds are not guaranteed.


All of our plans are subject to cancellation for violation of the intended usage policy or the misuse policy of the network carrier. Service can be canceled without notice. Violations of misuse policy include but are not limited to, swapping out the SIM card into an unauthorized device without prior authorization will result in termination of the plan, a new subscription plan will be required to resume service.  Plan sharing or using our plans to provide Internet for multiple residences, use of multiple video gaming systems on a single plan. Excessive gross data consumption, large amounts of data consumption over short periods of time or exceeding the carriers fair usage policy, conducting illegal activities, or downloading illegal content.  Gamers that download multiple, huge online games. Some of these games approach 100Gb in size. Downloading many of these games, in a short period of time, puts you into an abuse category by the carriers and may cause possible suspension of service. While it is our experience that the average person each, uses less than 200 GBs a month, data abuse is determined and defined by our Network Partners directly related to our Service Agreement.


We may terminate this Agreement with you, and or any services we provide, at our discretion, at any time, or if we determine that you or any user of your service, (1) have violated any applicable laws while using our Platform; (2) have violated any portion of this Agreement or any of our Platform policies; (3) if we believe that any of your current or future actions may legally harm Wireless Solutions LLC, our business interests or a third party, at our discretion. (4) lie or steal from us (5) fail to pay your bill, or have a history of billing issues with Wireless Solutions LLC (6) (a) harass, threaten, or use vulgar, or inappropriate language toward our representatives; (b) “spam,” or engage in other abusive messaging or calling; (7) modify or tamper with, in any way, a device that is property of Wireless Solutions LLC; or (8) engage in any detrimental behavior including, but not limited to, data abuse, torrenting or other forms of misuse of any services offered by Wireless Solutions LLC. In the event of termination, we will strive to provide you with a timely explanation; however, we are not required to do so.


If, in the Cellular membership Provider’s sole discretion, (a) a member is in breach of the Acceptable Use Policy; (b) a member’s use of the membership is prohibited by law or is disruptive to, adversely impacts or causes a malfunction to the membership, the Wireless Service Provider and/or it’s partners’ servers or other equipment, or the use and enjoyment of other users; (c) a member acts in an abusive or menacing manner when dealing with The Cellular Service Provider’s technical support staff, customer service staff or any other of the Wireless Service Provider’s employees or representatives; (d) the Cellular Service Provider receives an order from a court to terminate a member’s service; or (e) the Cellular Service Provider for any reason ceases to offer the membership, then the Cellular Service Provider at its sole election may terminate or suspend such member’s service immediately without notice. For a termination in accordance with this paragraph, the member remains liable for all unpaid fees and other charges accrued or otherwise payable under the terms of this Agreement, any equipment charges set forth herein, if applicable.


You are responsible for any misuse of the service, even if the misuse was committed by a friend, family member, or guest with access to your service account. Therefore, you must take steps to ensure that others do not use your account to gain unauthorized access to the service. You must strictly maintain the confidentiality of your service login and password. You agree to notify us immediately after transferring your equipment to anyone else. You are considered the registered recipient of the service until we receive such notice, and you will be liable for any charges or fees incurred for the use of your equipment by anyone else up to the time that we receive your notice unless otherwise provided by applicable law. You may not assign or transfer your service without our written consent. If you do, we may terminate your service. If your equipment is stolen or otherwise removed from your premises without your authorization, you must notify us immediately or you will be liable for payment for unauthorized use of the service or equipment.  This service is month-to-month with no contract.  Wireless Solutions LLC will not give refunds, partial or full, for any down time in their service. All leased devices must be returned to our office, upon termination of service to a void any additional charges. 


You agree that you are responsible for all access to and use of the service through your account or password(s) and for any fees incurred for service or any other expenses incurred in accordance with the terms of this agreement. You acknowledge that you are aware that areas accessible on or through the service may contain material that is unsuitable for minors (persons under 18 years of age). You agree to supervise usage of the service by minors who use the service through your account. You ratify and confirm any obligations a minor using your account incurs or assumes and any promises or permissions such minor makes or gives.


We do not own, operate, maintain, or control the service, and do not take any measures to assure the security of your use of the service or the security of the network. The provider may take action to guard your security in the use of the network and to safeguard the network. Please refer to the provider’s open internet disclosures for additional information.


If you have so elected, you agree that Wireless Solutions LLC can charge your credit card or debit card or initiate electronic funds transfer out of your bank account for payment of all service fees or any other amounts payable under this agreement. Additionally, you agree that Wireless Solutions LLC will bill your monthly service fee in advance and the service fee will automatically be collected through either a card payment or electronic funds transfer. If we are unable to process your credit or debit card at any time, your account and service may be immediately suspended or terminated, and you will be responsible for all amounts payable to us. Your card issuer agreement governs the use of your credit or debit card payment in connection with this service and you must refer to that agreement with respect to your rights and liabilities as a cardholder. If we do not receive payment from your credit or debit card issuer or its agent, you agree to pay us all amounts due upon demand by us. You agree that Wireless Solutions LLC will not be responsible for any expenses that you may incur resulting from overdrawing your bank account or exceeding your credit limit as a result of an automatic charge made under this agreement.  Prices are subject to change without warning.


We reserve the right to correct and charge under billed amounts for a period of 90 days after the initial late statement was issued. Payment of the outstanding balance is due in full on your anniversary date. If we do not receive payment from you after five days from your due date, we have the right to suspend your service or terminate this agreement without notice. We can reinstate service after the late payment has been received and you have made your account current. After the 10th day of unsuccessful collection of payment, your service will be viewed as forfeited and considered terminated. To be reinstated, A new plan with activation fee will be required.