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Pre-sales FAQs

Can I Purchase Just SIM Card?

Yes, a SIM card can be purchased by itself, on a pre-paid month to month plan.  It must be used on an AT&T data compatible device.

What Internet Speed Can I Expect?

The Internet speeds you can expect depend entirely on how close you are to AT&T cell towers in your area. We have had reports of over 80 Mbps from those who are close to a cell tower all the way down to 1 Mbps for those who are several miles away from a tower.

Is This Service Really UNLIMITED?

For normal internet usage, YES! No data caps! No overages! All devices and cards include unlimited high-speed data for normal internet usage such as streaming music, movies, surfing, gaming and more! However, surfing/downloading illegal content as well as data abuse is prohibited. Data abusers are those who purposefully push limits or conduct known illegal activity like torrenting, etc. If you consistently burn through over 500+GBs/month, that is considered outside of normal internet usage and in some cases, you could be asked to split your usage between two accounts. The average household in America uses less than 200 GBs/month.  Please utilize the device with regular discretion so we can continue to provide our subscribers with high-speed wireless internet.

Your subscription will automatically renew on a monthly basis.

I Live in Rural Area & I Travel Alot, Can I Take It With Me?

(STRICTLY UNITED STATES USAGE ONLY) Our portable wireless device (MoFi) can be used “on the move”. We have tested them on interstates as passengers, and they work well. We recommend you use it in a hotel as it is a secure network. There are times in remote areas or when surrounded by valleys/mountains where the signal will cut out. However, if you are on open roads with many cell towers then it is relatively steady. Think of our devices like your cell phone, you have coverage most of the time but not all the time. We recommend using it in one place overall but traveling with these are quite nice. Just do not expect perfect, constant signal.  It also must remain plugged into a power source (an optional 12v car charger is available from the manufacturer or Amazon).  You can purchase a battery bank from Amazon. This device offers a mobile internet solution for 10 or less connected devices.

Can I Return It If It Doesn't Work?

If the device does not connect or is slower than expected, this most likely means a lack of LTE coverage at your location; or the cellular tower your device is connecting is congested from high usage. (let us know immediately so you can void a $25 restocking fee). Whatever the reason, our 14-Day No Risk Return Policy has you completely covered. Simply return your device for a refund.

Is The Device (MoFi) Easy To Setup?

Yes! Simply plug it in, login and start surfing the Internet! If there is a problem, give us a call or email us and we will help you out.

Do You Throttle Your Plans?

Essentially NO, but sometimes the speeds may vary. For example, if you live in a large city like Washington D.C or a high traffic area and try downloading during rush hour, you may not receive the highest speeds as the cell towers get overused. There may be instances when you will be utilizing your device and maintenance is occurring on cell towers near you that could also affect speeds. We have no control over these issues.

How Does This Compare To Satellite?

Satellite has a higher latency which makes certain Internet capabilities slow. Also, Satellite can be impacted by weather which can affect the signal and the internet could be out until the weather clears.

With our plans, there are none of the above issues as with Satellite Internet service.

Do I Have To Sign Contract? Credit Check?

Our plans require no contract and no credit checks but there is a service agreement. This is a month-to-month plan. Each payment pre-pays for your next 30 days of service. You may cancel your subscription with us at any time and will need to return your device to Wireless Solutions. Monthly charges will accrue until the device has been received. Please make sure we receive the device before the first of the next month to avoid additional charges.

Can I Connect Device To Other Devices?

Yes, the MoFi device have  4 available ports that can be used to hardwire in other devices; such as a printer, a laptop, etc. The device also supports setting up a local hotspot where other wireless devices (like tablets, game systems, etc) can connect to the Internet.

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