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E-SIM Plans

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The World’s First Wireless CPE Based on E-SIM Technology
Using the world’s leading E-SIM technology, no physical SIM card is needed. The device can be used immediately, achieving high-quality Wi-Fi coverage while greatly saving the cost of laying out the network.

SimTell Spec Sheet (pdf)


Device Tier Support

Supports multi-carrier defaulting to Blue network, pink, and then Red.

Remote Management

Wireless device offers secure remote management capabilities

Firmware Updates

Device offers over-the-air hardware firmware updates

LTE Data Plans
use your own Approved device

*Service and some plans are not available in all areas. Network coverage varies. Plans must be activated with approved carrier device. Removing a SIM from activated device and placing in an ineligible device is prohibited and may lead to line being disconnected. Price does not include a monthly $2.99 regulatory/line management fee and one-time $45.00 set-up fee. During congestion, some customers may notice slower speeds than other customers experience due to data prioritization. Service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted for misuse, abnormal use, interference with our providers’ networks or the ability to provide quality service to other users. Video streaming depends on available speeds. Not compatible with some live TV streaming services without premium streaming support. For best performance, leave video streaming applications at their default setting. For additional information, see Terms and conditions.

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We offer Dual SIM plans which are great for home, businesses and RVers

Dual SIM LTE Data Plans
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I got a call and with-in minutes after placing my order to confirm the details on my account and I got a confirmation email that afternoon saying my sim card was on the way.

Daniel Q.

I had my own sim card when I signed up for the service.  It only took them an hour from the time I signed up to get my sim card active.  I highly recommend this company.

Claire R.

I’ve been with these guys since the beginning and all of my friends and family have changed companies because all of them cancelled on them.  Wireless Solutions has never gone down since I started up and I would recommend them to anyone who asks me who provides my internet service.

Tristan S.

Me and my husband always wanted to go RVing, but we never could because we needed internet service in our RV and all of it was way too expensive for us.  Then we found Wireless Solutions so now me and my husband can be on the road full time.

Sherri K.

My old provider cancelled on me out of nowhere.  I found Wireless Solutions and wish I started with them in the first place.  Awesome customer service and even better internet service.

Sarah H.

I have an RV and we travel all around the country. I already have an LTE modem just needed a Sim card. Wireless Solutions was quick to get my card activated that I already had, and we never had to stop.

Daniel B.

We live in a remote area where we thought are only option is satellite, we got the Mofi from Wireless Solutions and were amazed. My friend invited my family to the beach, but she told me that there was no internet. I told her no problem, I bought the Mofi with me and we have internet. I can’t say too much about this product.

Lisa P.

We have a house at Lake Anna VA where internet is not an option. Thanks for the Mofi from Wireless Solutions, where able to work from here with out going back to Fredericksburg.

Since we have internet, our children are able to come now for longer visits.

Teri C.

I live in a remote area and have been unsuccessful in obtaining Internet that is reliable for the past 15 years. I was introduced to the MoFi product as an option and was given two weeks to test it out prior to committing. It has been wonderful and reliable. I am now able to work from home as well as watch movies and shows online. I would recommend this product and service to anyone who has not been able to get service!

Rinda S.

We believed getting WiFi at our remote location was not a reality until Wireless Solutions changed that. We consistently receive amazing quality and outstanding customer service far above their competitors.  We could not be more pleased.

Gail B.