Understanding Wireless Internet and How it Works

Unlimited internet through wifi

Wireless internet refers to having internet access through any smart device, from mobile phones, and tablets, to laptops. Today, you do not need a wired desktop to connect to the router through a cable to use the internet.

However, using WiFi was certainly not the complete answer to solving the wireless internet needs of people. For one, providing Wi-Fi everywhere is not a viable option for Internet Service Providers. At the same time, with tablets, iPads, and cheap laptops, the need for reliable wireless internet grew rapidly.

To meet the data needs of people, in 1991, 2G services were introduced. Later in 2001 and 2006, 3G and 4G services were introduced respectively. In modern developed and developing countries, most of the areas are now covered under the 2G and 3g services.  

As of today, most U.S. cellular providers offer 4G which all of our wireless data plans utilize to provide mobile broadband service across the county. 

Top Benefits of Wireless Internet

There are several benefits of mobile broadband, such as portability, greater access to information to the community, enhancement of the development of mobile devices, and so on. 

1. Greater portability 

You can now get internet access even in remote places makes it easier to access the internet from smartphones. One can now access their emails, and Facebook and indulge in other internet-related activities due to mobile broadband. In fact, making calls through a smartphone has become a secondary feature today in many aspects. The time you spend browsing the internet with your smartphone is of course, considerably more than the time you spend talking on it! You can even make phone calls through the internet to others at amazingly low costs.

2. Development of mobile devices

Considering that roughly 70-80% of the people in the world today use mobile broadband, developers of mobile devices can now actually look forward to inventing cost-effective and cheap mobile devices as well. 

Disadvantages of Wireless Internet 

One of the key limitations of mobile broadband is that the subscription costs are relatively higher than that of traditional broadband services. 2G internet has become more of a necessity due to the high costs of 3G internet which is the more usable form of mobile data.  4G internet at the moment is the least used option and not many countries have launched 4G technology yet. 

Getting a Reliable Wireless Internet Connection

If you’ve a reliable wireless internet connection, you can do more than just surf the internet. For one, you can make Whatsapp calls. And connect to your loved ones when you want.

Get a reliable wireless internet connection for you today!

September 6, 2022

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